Announcing our IoT Starter Kit - Combining Wireless IPv6 Meshing with Bluetooth Beacons

December 15, 2016

We are excited to announce the availability of a our IoT Sensortag starter kit, in collaboration with Texas Instruments!

This is the world’s first IoT system that combines remote connectivity through IPv6 meshing with proximity detection via Bluetooth beacons.

“The Thingsquare system really shows the benefits of the dual-radio approach taken by the Sensortag hardware.

Thingsquare’s combination of a low-power 6lowpan mesh network with Bluetooth beacons is unique in the market.”
Jarle Boe, development kit manager at Texas Instruments and founder of the Sensortag platform

Who is it for?

The Thingsquare kit is for professional developers and decision makers who want to evaluate their options for their upcoming wireless product or system.

Why should I be excited?

This is the first IoT kit that provides an instant smartphone-to-device connection, with full remote access and security, and where all the underlying technology is available to be integrated your own product.

Everything is available

Full hardware design files are available from Texas Instruments. With the Thingsquare system, you can create your own smartphone app, or interact with the system via the API. With the firmware SDK you can add custom device drivers for your specific hardware, directly onto the wireless chip itself.

Off-the-shelf hardware

The Thingsquare system uses off-the-shelf, state-of-the art hardware by major hardware manufacturers that combines high wireless performance with exceptionally low power consumption.

The chip that powers the starter kit is called CC2650 and is available from Texas Instruments.

Build your own connected product

The Thingsquare system is tailored to power your connected product. You can build your application to talk to our REST API or you can build your smartphone app using our app frontend!

What is included?

Our Thingsquare IoT starter kit consists of a set of battery-powered, wireless sensortags and one gateway, that connects to the Internet.

Along with the hardware, you also get our free smartphone app for iOS and Android as well as free proof-of-concept tier of the Thingsquare service.

What can I do with it?

A couple of suggestions of how you can use your Thingsquare IoT starter kit to evaluate the system:

Keep an eye on your hurricane shelter supplies

Make sure your stuff is safe and in a good condition using your smartphone and without having to manually check in on them.

Monitor the air quality in the office

Good air means good work! A couple of sensortags keep you happy.

Check the pool door

Turn the sensortag into a door sensor by attaching it to a door, and a magnet to the door frame. Get a notification to your phone when the door opens. As a bonus, you’ll know the temperature at the pool, so that you’ll know the best time to hit it!

Push the button, get notified

Want to let someone know you’re thinking about them? Push the button and they’ll see it on their phone, wherever they are!

Available today!

You can order your own IoT starter kit today!

(Dino not included)

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