With Smooth Data Preview and New Map Interface, Version 3.2.7 is Out!

Now even Better Performance in very Large Wireless Networks

October 13, 2017

We are excited to announce the availability of the latest version of the Thingsquare system – version 3.2.7! New in this release is a new smooth data preview in the web and smartphone apps and performance updates to the low-power IP network.

Try our the latest updates in the web app and download the latest firmware SDK at the developer portal.

Keep reading to hear more about the new stuff in this version!

Smooth Data Preview

A quick preview of sensor data is now show for each device. It is accessed by tapping the sensor device in the device list.

Device Locations and Map

It is now quicker than ever to keep the location of devices up to date. The location of each device is visible on its device page. By tapping the location, the device can be moved to its updated position on the map.

If a device does not yet have a position, it can be given the GPS position of your smartphone or computer. If this is inaccurate, the device can be given its correct position by moving on the map.

Easy-to-reach Sensor Data Rate Buttons

Those three new buttons at the bottom of the screen make it easy to select the data rate from a device.

When the button is blue, it means that the device has received its new configuration. For sleeping sensors, this may take some time for the new configuration to go through.

Gateways Invites

For gateways, the Invite button has been given a new more prominent placement at the bottom of the device view. Tap this button to invite new devices into a gateway’s network.

Updates, Push Notifications, Power, Lifetime, Pins

Firmware updates, push notifications, power setup, lifetime estimation, and pin configuration have now been moved to the Details tab, along with a bunch of other useful functions.

Improved Large-scale Network Performance

The low-power IP networking firware is now faster for large-scale networks – in particular, the network-wide firmware updates is now faster in really sparse networks.

Try it Out!

Head to the web app to try it out yourself!

If you do not have any hardware, just use the Demo Mode.

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