We have launched our new documentation site with in-depth technical information about the Thingsquare system and the Thingsquare firmware SDK!

To make it quick and easy to find the right nuggets of information, the site is fully searcheable through its search bar.

Go check it out!

Unlike all other radio communication chips in the world, the new CC1350 chip from Texas Instruments is able to communicate both with a very long range (so-called sub-GHz meshing) and with nearby smartphones (with Bluetooth beacons).

We at Thingsquare are really excited about this new chip because it makes it possible to do hardware designs with a single chip, yet allow smartphones to find nearby devices while having a long range wireless network. And all this while having a really long battery lifetime – at least that’s what the chip’s specifications promise.

We did a power characterization of the TI CC1350 when running the Thingsquare system. The results are in the powerpoint deck below. This is hard-core tech stuff, so be prepared.

And as always, get in touch with us if you are interested in trying this out yourself!

We are excited to announce the availability of a our IoT Sensortag starter kit, in collaboration with Texas Instruments and Weptech!

This is the world’s first IoT system that combines remote connectivity through IPv6 meshing with proximity detection via Bluetooth beacons.

“The Thingsquare system really shows the benefits of the dual-radio approach taken by the Sensortag hardware.

Thingsquare’s combination of a low-power 6lowpan mesh network with Bluetooth beacons is unique in the market.”
Jarle Boe, development kit manager at Texas Instruments and founder of the Sensortag platform

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Push notifications is a powerful tool that lets customers stay in touch with your connected product, because they always have their phone in their pockets.

As a product producer, you can use push notifications to improve your customers’ experience from your product. If something happens, your customer will immediately get notified.

With Thingsquare, push notifications reach far: your customers will get notified even if they are far away from their devices.

Your customers, who all literally always have their smartphones in their pockets, will always have your product with them.

Push Notifications are supported both by the Android and iOS apps – and you can test it right away.

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Thingsquare is a software platform that turns a product into a connected product. All you need to do is add a single chip to the hardware inside your product.

But why would you choose to use Thingsquare for your next product? Here are two good reasons for choosing Thingsquare:

  • Make your customers happy
  • Make yourself happy

Let us explain what we mean.

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