If Something Happens, Put a Person There

What if something happens to your connected product, in the field? How do you get someone out there to take a look at it?

Today we are announcing our solution to the problem of how to get a person in place when something happens. Thingsquare partner Skyresponse provides an automated system that is able to get a response team in place when something happens with your Thingsquare-powered product.

Your Thingsquare-powered device detects an event - such as a street light that suddenly goes out. The Skyresponse system responds by classifying the event, and taking the appropriate action.

Some events do not need a full response team to get out to the device. Sometimes it is enough if a person takes a look at what happened. And sometimes it is enough if a text message is sent out next Monday morning. The Skyresponse system knows what the appropriate action is, and takes it. And, if for some reason the response team won’t be able to react in time, the system will call a set of predefined numbers to let others know that something is going on.

How it works

How it works

The principle of operation is simple:

  • Your Thingsquare-powered device detects an event
  • The Skyresponse system reacts to the event and triggers the appropriate action


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July 17, 2017

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