Announcing a New Wireless Chip with Longer Lifetime, More Space

Add a little more smarts to each device, while having a long healthy life on a small battery

Marcus Linderoth, Thingsquare VP of EngineeringBy Marcus Linderoth, Thingsquare VP of Engineering – October 04, 2018

Every IoT product has a wireless chip inside it.

Today we are excited to announce support for a new such chip, called the CC1352R, manufactured by chipmaker Texas Instruments. Compared to its previous family member, called the CC1350, this new chip has three times as much memory inside of it, which makes it possible to add business logic all the way inside the device itself.

Long Range

The CC1352R has a built-in radio that supports the sub-1 GHz frequency bands. These frequency bands have a much longer range than the 2.4 GHz frequencies that are used by WiFi and Bluetooth. Because the radio frequencies are different from WiFi and Bluetooth, these frequency bands are also not disturbed by WiFi and Bluetooth.

Thanks to the Thingsquare system, every device will extend the range of each other, by creating a mesh network that relays messages from one device to another.

In addition, the CC1352R supports enough radio channels to allow the system to perform channel hopping, further increasing reliability of the wireless network. Channel hopping is also a mandatory requirement for when running with a duty cycle higher than 1%.

Low Power

The CC1352R has a very low power consumption. Due to the power-saving features of the Thingsquare system, we can utilize this to its full extent. In a real-world deployment, this means that a wireless sensor can live for years on a tiny coin cell battery, or even life forever, with access to a renewable power source.

Finding Nearby Devices

With the Thingsquare system, devices not only have a great long range, but also work together with nearby smartphone apps. This is due to the built-in support for Bluetooth beacons on the CC1352R.

Thanks to the Thingsquare’s proximity control and the built-in support for Bluetooth on the CC1352R, smartphones can hear nearby IoT devices and securely identify them.

What this Means

This means that new products can take advantage of a long range, low power wireless network, while having the opportunity to build business logic right into the devices themselves.

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