First Thingsquare Lighting Product Hits the Market, Debut at Light+Building 2016

March 14, 2016

Lucid Wireless Solution by Riva Lighting and Lights 4 Europe, the first product based on the Thingsquare wireless lighting solution, hits the market at Light+Building 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services!

The Lucid Wireless Solution

The Lucid Wireless Solution is an industrial and commercial lighting system for large-scale installations in industrial halls, commercial areas, and office environments. The Lucid Wireless Solution uses the Thingsquare platform to wirelessly connect lamps and sensors with the client’s smartphones.
“Quality is of primary importance for our customers. With Thingsquare, we can deliver a wireless control system that covers both commercial and industrial lighting needs,” said Hassan Razi, Head of Product and Technology development at Riva Lighting.

Building on the Thingsquare wireless lighting solution, the Lucid Wireless Solution has the following features:

  • Health monitoring: the health and performance of each lamp is automatically monitored

  • Presence detection: the system automatically increases dimming when people enter the area by the use of Passive IR (PIR) sensors

  • Daylight energy savings: light sensors reduce the power consumption during daylight hours by automatically decreasing dimming

  • Client control: users can control nearby lamps from their smartphones or laptops

  • Scheduled dimming: master dimming schedules are configured on a per-day basis, with different schedules on each day – saving power during weekends and providing a bright envorinment during work days

  • Interactive installation: installation is quick and easy by using the LWS smartphone app, which lets individual lights quickly be identified as they are installed

  • Zoning: lamps and sensors are tagged with light control zones, allowing each zone to have different dimming schedules and action rule sets for sensors

“We are thrilled to work with such an innovative player in the lighting market as Riva Lighting”, said Thingsquare CEO Adam Dunkels. “The Lucid Wireless Solution is an important step for user-friendly wireless lighting control in the commercial and industrial markets.”

See the Lucid Wireless Solution in action in Hall 4, Level 2, Booth B39!


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