Introducing Push Notifications

Push notifications is a powerful tool that lets customers stay in touch with your connected product, because they always have their phone in their pockets.

As a product producer, you can use push notifications to improve your customers’ experience from your product. If something happens, your customer will immediately get notified.

With Thingsquare, push notifications reach far: your customers will get notified even if they are far away from their devices.

Your customers, who all literally always have their smartphones in their pockets, will always have your product with them.

Push Notifications are supported both by the Android and iOS apps – and you can test it right away.

We are going to use the Thingsquare IoT starter kit as an example. The starter kit contains a set of Sensortags, which have a number of sensors, including a temperature sensor, as well as a button.

A Thingsquare IoT starter kit sensortag, with a coin and a dinosaur for size comparison.

We are going to set up a notification that triggers when the temperature goes below freezing: this is useful if you are storing stuff over the winter in a place that may get too cold. We are also setting up a trigger for when the button is pushed.

Setting up a notification

Setting up a notification is easy.

First, you need to make sure that you have remote access enabled for the Sensortag that you are using. That is, make sure that the Remote access check box is checked:

Second, tap the Notifications button. There you we a list of pre-configured notifications. Let’s set up a notification for when the button is pressed.

To add the notification, simply tap its name and tap the Add button.

See the notification in action

To see the notification in action, simply push the button on the Sensortag.

You should see the result in the app immediately.

Set up a second notification

Now that we know how notifications work, let’s set up another one. This time we’ll make sure to get notified if our sensortag get too cold. We add a notification for when the temperature goes below freezing.

Testing a notification

Testing if the temperature goes below freezing may be problematic. You could actually put your sensortag in the freezer, but that will take a few minutes for the temperature to reach below freezing.

Instead, we can use the built-in test operation. To do this, we go to the notification that we just added and tap the Test button.


Notifications is a powerful mechanism that let’s you provide an immediate feedback to your customers. Your customers, who all literally always have their smartphones in their pockets, will always have your product with them. You can let your customers set up their own notifications, or you can set up a set of default notifications.

The Thingsquare platform gives you notification support for Android, iOS, and web, right out of the box.

December 10, 2016

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