Thingsquare IoT Platform 4.3.0 Released

With updates to the mobile app and web frontend

Adam Dunkels, Thingsquare CEOBy Adam Dunkels, Thingsquare CEO – November 06, 2019

We have released version 4.3.0 of the Thingsquare IoT platform, with updates to the smartphone frontend, the web frontend and the iOS native app, as well as improvements and fixes to the cloud backend, local backend, and device firmware!

The smartphone apps can be downloaded from the respective appstores. Customers can download the latest firmware SDK at the product console or get it from their Thingsquare representative or git repository.

The Thingsquare native app is available for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows:

The app is available as a web frontend here:

Smartphone App

The smartphone app has seen performance improvements that make the interface snappier overall, particularly when dealing with large numbers of devices.

Device List View

The device list view has been updated to make it easier to manage large numbers of networks, by allowing each network to be collapsed and expanded with the tap of a finger.

Data Export View

The new version makes it easier to export data from either individual devices, or entire networks of devices. The data export mechanism also makes it possible to download the entire history for individual variables from the devices.

The data export downloads the data in Excel format to make it easy to manage the data and export into other formats.

Nearby Device View and Device Installation

The nearby device view has received an overhaul which makes device installation faster.

iOS Native App

The iOS native app has been updated to make better use of the notched screen of the iPhone X.

Backend and Local Controller Updates

Remote over-the-air firmware updates are now make more resilient against access point disconnections and will continue even after a device has rebooted.

Local controllers now instantly adds newly connected devices so that they appear in the frontend immediately.

Local controllers now appear in the Nearby Devices view in the smartphone app, just like regular devices. If the local controller does not have built-in Bluetooth capabilities, the local controller will use a directly connected access point to send its proximity beacons.

More device actions are now logged and displayed to make it easier to track what a specific device is doing.

Device Firmware Updates

We fixed a bug that could wake devices up, even if they were supposed to be in deep sleep mode.

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