Power Consumption Characterization of the TI CC1350

Unlike all other radio communication chips in the world, the new CC1350 chip from Texas Instruments is able to communicate both with a very long range (so-called sub-GHz meshing) and with nearby smartphones (with Bluetooth beacons).

We at Thingsquare are really excited about this new chip because it makes it possible to do hardware designs with a single chip, yet allow smartphones to find nearby devices while having a long range wireless network. And all this while having a really long battery lifetime – at least that’s what the chip’s specifications promise.

We did a power characterization of the TI CC1350 when running the Thingsquare system. The results are in the powerpoint deck below. This is hard-core tech stuff, so be prepared.

And as always, get in touch with us if you are interested in trying this out yourself!

February 08, 2017

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