Why Choose Thingsquare?

Thingsquare is a software platform that turns a product into a connected product. All you need to do is add a single chip to the hardware inside your product.

But why would you choose to use Thingsquare for your next product? Here are two good reasons for choosing Thingsquare:

  • Make your customers happy
  • Make yourself happy

Let us explain what we mean.

Make your customers happy

The customers are every business primary concern. Happy customers make better business because happy customers will recommend your product to others.

Every product decision you make must therefore contribute to making your customers happier. So how does Thingsquare contribute to making your customers happier?

Smooth Installation

Smooth installation makes everyone happy. The installation procedure may be a small step, but it is an important one because this is the first impression your customers get of your product. It has to be easy, smooth, and quick.

If you use Thingsquare for your product, you get a ready-made installation procedure out of the box.

Your customers only need to bring their smartphone up close to your product to install it. Thingsquare’s Bluetooth-based installation procedure works both with Android and iPhone.

Detecting a Sensortag with the Thingsquare app.
And how will your customers know if their device is in range? They just need to push a button. See for yourself:
How to check if a sensor is in it’s wireless range: press the button and wait for the green signal – if it goes green, it is good to go.

Self-Healing Wireless

Thingsquare’s system automatically create a wireless network between each device. Within seconds, the network automatically heals itself if it breaks. Your customers do not need to worry about how to plan or install your product - it will take care of itself.

And because your product is connected, you can provide immediate customer support, without even being on-site. You can track down and fix problems remotely.

Make yourself happy

After making your customers happy, you must make yourself happy too.

Built-in software updates

Every product that has software inside of it must make it possible to update that software. Without making customers unhappy. So updates have to be smooth and happen in the background. For many product manufacturers, figuring out how to do remote software updates is a major pain point.

With Thingsquare’s built-in Over-the-Air update mechanism, you don’t need to worry about software updates in the field. You can even use the over-the-air update mechanism during the development of the product.


Security is often the elephant in the room. Everybody knows how important it is, yet many product makers miss to add security to their products.

With Thingsquare, you get state-of-the-art end-to-end security built into your product from the start. The security mechanisms used in the Thingsquare system are the same as those used on the Internet, where they have been hardened by decades of development and testing.

Remote Monitoring

With Thingsquare, you will always be able to assist your customers to fix issues remotely. The system keeps track of the health and status of the network and lets your customers inspect it. With their permission, your technical team can see the status of their system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collected an assortment of questions that we frequently get.

Can I adapt the system to my own hardware?

Yes. Most, if not all, products use custom hardware. Our firmware SDK lets you add your own device drivers while using the rest of the Thingsquare system as-is.

Can I host my own backend servers

Running the backend on self-hosted servers is on our roadmap.

Can I add my own logo but use the rest of your system as-is?

Yes. This is a lean way to quickly reach your target market: get a first version of your product running with the Thingsquare system as-is, but with your logo. If the product gets traction with the marked, invest into developing your own smartphone app and web frontends.

Do I have to develop my own smartphone apps?

Sometimes you just want to reach the market quickly and don’t want to think too much about developing your own apps. Sometimes you have your smartphone app ready and just want to plug into an existing backend system.

The Thingsquare system comes with white-labeled Android and iOS apps that you can use as-is, or as a starting point for your own ideas for an app.

Alternatively, you can develop your own app from scratch or attach the Thingsquare backend to an existing app. In either case, you use the Thingsquare REST API to communicate between the app and the backend system.

If I choose Thingsquare today, can I later move to some other solution?

Yes. Thingsquare is built on open Internet standards and with off-the-shelf hardware. The hardware is from major hardware vendors, such as Texas Instruments, with ready-made radio modules from many module providers. The networking use the same protocols that is used on the global Internet, which will be around for decades to come.

We do not thing you would ever like to switch from Thingsquare. But if you, for whatever reason, want to switch, you can use the over-the-air-update mechanism to replace the firmware in your deployed devices to some alternative solution.

What happens to my products if the Internet connection goes down?

The Thingsquare system is designed to work even if the Internet connectivity goes away. While the Internet connection is lost, it is of course not possible to remotely access devices and it is not possible for the devices to upload any data. The wireless network will operate in stand-alone mode in the meanwhile and immediately once the Internet connection is restored, remote access is available again.

November 29, 2016

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