Wireless Lighting Sneak Preview at Smart City Expo 2015

Thingsquare will be demoing a sneak preview of our upcoming wireless lighting solution at Smart City Expo World Congress 2015 in Barcelona on November 16-18 together with our hardware partner Zolertia!

Come meet us there and read on for details.

Some of the features we will be demonstrating are wireless dimming, smartphone-based installation, zone configuration, device location, and schedule-based zone dimming.

#Wireless Dimming

Dim lights with a smartphone – either Android or iPhone.

Both individual lights and groups of lights in pre-defined zones can be dimmed.

This lets occupants chose their own preferred lighting conditions. User policies ensure that the right people can control the lights.

#Smartphone-based Installation and Zone Configuration

During light installation, each light is identified and given a zone with a smartphone.

Because smartphones are mobile, installation is quick and light identification is easy.

How do you know which light is which? Just tap the Identify button in the app, and the lamp will blink!

#Locations and Diagnostics

The Thingsquare lighting solution can be used for both large-scale indoor lighting installations, and for outdoor deployments, such as street lights.

The system knows the location of each light, to ease maintenance and diagnostics. Because they are wireless, lights can be remotely controlled and diagnostics retreived, using the web or smartphone interfaces.

#Dimming Schedules

Zones have individual dimming schedules. Need less light during the weekend? Just configure the schedule to have lower dimming on Saturdays and Sundays.

#Meet us!

Find us with Zolertia near the scene behind the Smart Café!

November 16, 2015

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