Where there are people, there is WiFi. And WiFi creates wireless interference. This is a challenge that every connected product will face.

Unlike other low-power wireless technologies, such as ZigBee and Thread, Thingsquare uses a technique called channel hopping to avoid interference from other wireless networks. We have developed a unique way to do channel hopping that works even with tiny, battery-operated wireless devices.

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At the heart of every connected product is the hardware. Today we are starting off our Hardware Spotlights series, where we are showcasing Thingsquare-compatible hardware. First off, we look at the Zolertia family of connected hardware!

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A connected product is a software system wrapped in a thin layer of hardware. Firmware updates allow you to change the software inside your product, even after the hardware has been sold, delivered, and deployed.

Firmware updates require sending a relatively large chunk of data over the air – typically the full size of the on-chip memory – to a wireless, often battery-powered, device. Today we will look into how long such a firmware update may take.

But first, let’s look at what firmware updates really are, and why they are needed in the first place.

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We at Thingsquare have come up with a new way to allow smartphone apps to control and access wireless things. We call it proximity control.

Existing technologies often make it tricky to find and interact with nearby devices. The user is typically required to enter or scan codes, or do other configuration to connect their smartphones with things.

Unlike existing solutions, proximity control does not require configuration to connect things with smartphones – nearby devices quickly pop up in the user’s smartphone, ready to be used.

Proximity control allow users to quickly find and interact with nearby devices with their smartphones.
Proximity control: dimming a nearby lamp.

Proximity control started out as a tech demo at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. Today, it is part of Thingsquare-powered commercially available products, such as the Lucid Wireless Solution that premiered last month.

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