The Thingsquare Platform

Thingsquare connects people with the world, with the Thingsquare platform. Product developers connect to their customers and their customers connect to the physical world.

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The Thingsquare platform consists of three parts:

  • Device firmware: this part sits on a wireless chip inside the product.
  • Backend stack: the database and control system that connects the wireless devices, the users, and their smartphones.
  • User frontends: this is what the users sees on a smartphone or a computer screen

The Thingsquare platform architecture
The Thingsquare platform architecture

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The backend stack is also accessible through an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows other software systems to be connected to the platform. The API is a REST API, accessed via HTTPS. The backend stack software runs either on a server in the cloud, or on a locally hosted server.

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In the Thingsquare system, each device connects to the backend stack over a secure Internet connection. The devices use wireless communication to form a self-healing mesh network, allowing large numbers of devices to be connected. Each mesh is connected to the Internet via a transparent gateway.

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The Thingsquare system provides over-the-air firmware update functionality.

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As a product owner, you will see your product through the administration console: