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Build Your Own Thingsquare Prototype Hardware

The easiest way to get started with the Thingsquare IoT platform is to get a ready-made Starter Kit, but if you are ok with handling electronics and downloading firmware to chips, you can build one yourself.

A Starter Kit consists of a set of wireless nodes and one access point that connects them to the Internet.

There are several options available for both the wireless nodes and the access point.

2.4 GHz Hardware

The 2.4 GHz technology are appropriate for consumer and/or products that are designed to be deployed in in-door environments. The 2.4 GHz band is license-free worldwide, but does interfere with WiFi and is affected by other disturbance in that band.

Sub-1GHz Hardware

The sub-1GHz technology has a longer range than the 2.4 GHz and is great for out-door deployments. The actual frequency is different in different parts of the world, however, which means that different product configurations are needed for different markets. In the US, the frequency is 915 Mhz and in the EU the frequency is 868 MHz.

Putting it Together

To build a kit, at least one access point and one wireless node is needed.

Use either of the links below to build an access point:

Use either of the links below to build a wireless node:

Get Started with it

Follow the instructions below to get started:


Once you've put it together, why don't you go ahead and build something like this?