Assembly Instructions for the Weptech Access Point



You will need the following,


You will need the following,


Download the software and install Flash programmer 2 on the computer. This will also install drivers for the SmartRF06EBK board.

Flashing the devices

Unbox the Weptech access point and the SmartRF06EBK boards and find the small ten-pin programming headers as seen in the following images, marked in red.

Ensure the jumpers (black plastic things with a metallic bridge overlapping pins on the board) and switches are as seen in the image. Blue rectangle means jumpers should be mounted. Green rectangle means jumpers should be off. Pink rectangle is the two switches and they should be in the ON and USB positions respectively (right in the image). Red marks the programming header.

Connect the small programming header from SmartRF06EBK to Weptech.

Connect the SmartRF06EBK by USB to the computer and start Flash programmer 2. Flash programmer 2 will start in a blank state.

Press Refresh to have it look for the SmartRF06EBK. It will show up in the list on the right, as in the following image. Click the CC2538 in the list to select the target.

Press Browse... and locate the weptech-24ghz.bin you previously downloaded.

Ensure that the checkboxes are ticked as in the image, Erase (all unprotected pages), Program (entire source file), Verify (CRC check).

Then, press flash button that looks like a "Play" button in a blue circle. The result will be displayed in the status box. If it fails, press the flash button again. It may sometimes take two-three tries to succeed. If the address field is not filled it, the address for the Weptech is 0x200000.