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The Thingsquare team is here to help you get your product to market!

Make Your Idea Come True!

Sometimes you have the idea for product, with the first customers lined up already, but just don't have the time or expertise to make your product come true – the Thingsquare team is here to help

From Your First Prototype ...

Initial prototype of a plant humidity sensor

... to the Finished Product

The Lucid Wireless Solution, shown at Light + Building 2016

The Thingsquare Process

Step 1: The Idea

We set up a phone call to discuss your idea and how we best could work together to make it come true:

  • Use case: consumer vs industrial product, smartphone apps
  • Technical requirements: connectivity, wireless range, power consumption, battery operation
  • Technology trade-offs and feasibility
  • Is the Thingsquare system right for you?

We conclude with a rough estimate of how quickly the product could go into production.

This first step is completely free and there are no strings attached. If we find a good match, we jointly decide to move forward.

Step 2: The Prototype

If we find that the Thingsquare system is the right choice for you, we put together a one- or two-day workshop together with your engineering team and other stakeholders to get into the details:

  • Build the first prototype
  • Users and smartphone app interaction
  • Building and testing the product
  • Software architecture
  • Setting up a backend infrastructure
  • Best practices for users and personal information

At the end of the workshop, you will have the first prototype of your product up and running.

After the workshop, you decide how to proceed. Again, there are no strings attached – you may decide to go with Thingsquare or to choose another solution. We charge a nominal fee for the workshop that depends on the amount of travel needed for our team.

Step 3: The Development Project

We jointly put together a project plan with a fixed price, for smaller well-defined units of engineering work, or a time-based arrangement, for projects where the scope is flexible. If the costs are deemed acceptable by all parties, we write a detailed Statement of Work (SoW). The SoW contains:

  • The time plan
  • Description of the product architecture
  • Deliverables
  • Hardware partner involvement
  • Detailed scope with responsibilities
  • Details of collaboration: git, Slack, and other collaborative tools

The output of the development phase is a working product, ready to be put to production.

Step 4: The Deployed System

When the product is being rolled out to customers, Thingsquare can assist in helping your sales and support teams tackle any questions from customers and users, as well as support your engineering team with product updates.

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Things to ask us about:

What happens if the Internet goes down?
Can I host my own backend server?

Can I develop my own software on top of your system?
Can I add my own logo but use the rest of your system as-is?

Does the system work in my country?
Can I develop my own smartphone app?

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