The Thingsquare Platform

The ready-made wireless solution for your connected product

Ready-made Apps

White-labeled iOS/Android and desktop apps, ready to be used.

Off-the-shelf Hardware Support

No custom hardware needed – gets you to market quickly.


Ready to be used, worldwide.

Lucid Wireless Solution, based on the Thingsquare lighting solution, shown at at Light + Building 2016.

Long-range Wireless

Long-range wireless communication for large-scale industrial and commercial installations.

Health Monitoring

Keeps track of the health of all lamps

Lighting Planning and Control

Zone-planning, scheduled dimming, presence detection for energy savings.

"Quality is of primary importance for our customers. With Thingsquare, we can deliver a wireless control system that covers both commercial and industrial lighting needs."
Hassan Razi, Head of Product and Technology development at Riva Lighting.

Thingsquare Technology

The Thingsquare platform is powered by state-of-the-art technology.

Self-Healing Wireless

At the heart of your product

Channel Hopping

Your products will be used in many places, with uncertain wireless coverage.

Our wireless firmware – which runs on a wireless chip inside your product – automatically creates a self-healing wireless network that automatically detects and heals wireless problems.

Multiple Radios

We know that each product is different. Our firmware therefore works with different microprocessors and radios, both 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz radios.

Open Standards

Our firmware leverages open protocols and open standards to ensure that your product is future-proof: IPv6, IEEE 802.15.4e, TLS/SSL, and AES128.

A Solid Technical Stack

Accessible anywhere

Secure from the Start

A solid backend stack that handles authentication, security, remote access, and customer data is at the core of every connected product.

The Thingsquare platform includes a backend stack, deeply integrated with the wireless firmware, to ensure a secure and consistent behavior of your connected product your users can trust.

Over-the-air Updates, User Management

Built-in support for remote firmware updates always keeps your customers up-to-date and secure. User access management ensures that your customers always have access to their devices. Secure remote access means that your customer support team will be able to help your customers.

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