The World at Your Fingertips

Thingsquare is a software platform that lets product makers connect products with smartphones

Self-Healing Wireless

The Thingsquare platform uses a self-healing mesh to let your product work even in the most challenging wireless situations

Smartphone Access

With the Thingsquare platform, your product will have its own smartphone app

Secure, Always

With the Thingsquare platform, your product uses top-grade security, from top to bottom

Wireless Monitoring

  • Remotely monitor and measure equipment efficiency
  • Reduce both costs and environmental footprint

Gets You To Market

The Thingsquare platform quickly takes you from first prototype to finished connected product

Keeps Your Stack Simple

With Thingsquare, you do not need to develop, run, and maintain your own cloud stack

You'll Be The Expert

Let our world-class team help you through your product development process, to make you the expert

Hardware partners

Connected Consumer Products

  • Provide personalized customer experience
  • Understand customer behavior
  • Win happy customers

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