Connecting People with the World

Thingsquare is a software platform that product makers use to connect their products with smartphones

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Demo Mode

Run Thingsquare without hardware
July 14, 2016

Rich User Experience

Win your customers' hearts by giving your product a beautiful app

Easy Set Up

Win your customers' minds by making your product easy to set up

Wireless Monitoring

  • Remotely monitor and measure equipment efficiency
  • Reduce both costs and environmental footprint

Your Product, Your App

Every connected product needs a smartphone app – with Thingsquare, apps are included from the start

Secure, Always

With the Thingsquare platform, your product uses top-grade security, from top to bottom

Hardware partners

Connected Consumer Products

  • Provide personalized customer experience
  • Understand customer behavior
  • Win happy customers

Self-Healing Wireless

The Thingsquare platform uses a self-healing mesh to let your product work even in the most challenging wireless situations

Keep Your Stack Simple

With Thingsquare, you do not need to develop, run, and maintain your own cloud stack


Developer Prototype

The free developer tier gets you up to speed quickly. You'll build your first prototype, with its own smartphone app, and show to your customers, investors, and other stakeholders.


Startup Product

The startup product tier scales up with your business. We'll set you up with your own server instance, conveniently located close to your customers. No need to develop and maintain your own cloud stack!

Subscription fee

Enterprise Product

For the large enterprise, the enterprise product tier lets you run your own backend server, behind your own firewall. Deploy and scale as needed.

Flexible licensing options

About Us

Thingsquare brings the world closer together by giving people new ways to interact with the physical world.

Thingsquare's customers are product companies that reach new customers by adding smartphone access to their products.

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