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Thingsquare is a software platform that lets product makers connect products with smartphones

Wireless Industrial Monitoring

  • Remotely monitor and measure equipment efficiency
  • Reduce both costs and environmental footprint

The Thingsquare system automatically extends its wireless range to cover large installations

Hardware partners

Connected Consumer Products

  • Provide personalized customer experience
  • Understand customer behavior
  • Win happy customers

The Thingsquare system works with both WiFi and Ethernet home routers

Plans Subject to change

Always There

API access
TLS security

Up to 10 000 devices

€ 95/year

100 devices, € 0.99/additional device


Best value

Smartphone apps and API access
Fully redundant server instances
TLS security

Up to 100 000 devices

€ 495/year

1 000 devices, € 0.49/additional device

Full Stack

Smartphone apps and API access
Fully redundant cloud stack
TLS security

100 000+ devices


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