We Help Companies Build Profitable Internet of Things Solutions

Thingsquare builds world leading IoT solutions based on the Thingsquare IoT platform

World Leading Technology

The Thingsquare IoT Platform

Large Scale

Thousands of devices per network with full spectrum coverage.

Long Range

Reaches miles per network, and automatically extends as needed

Low Power

Years of lifetime on batteries, with powerful insight



Thingsquare-based IoT Products and Projects

What we help you with


Thingsquare helps companies, from Fortune 500s to high-growth startups, to identify and deliver value with the Internet of Things with the Thingsquare IoT platform.

Take Action

With our world-class IoT technology stack, we develop a proof-of-concept prototype to solve your problem.

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See Results

We work with you to create a finished product to put in the hands of your customers.

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