We Help Companies Identify and Deliver Value with the Internet of Things


How We Work

Thingsquare helps companies, large and small, to identify and deliver value with the Internet of Things.

We work closely with our customers in a 4-step process:

Identify Business Goals

We work together to identify the business goals and primary and secondary key performance indicators.

Build A Proof-of-Concept

With our world-class IoT technology stack, we design and develop a proof-of-concept solution to solve the stated problem.

Measure The Value

We use the proof-of-concept solution to measure and follow-up the primary and secondary key performance indicators, to ensure that the solution brings the required value.


If the solution brings the required value – or exceeds expectations – we help bring the product to market.


Example projects

Tech Features

Thingsquare's Technology Platform

Self-Forming Wireless

Thingsquare automatically creates a self-healing wireless network that automatically extends and heals wireless coverage.

Open Standards

Thingsquare leverages open protocols and open standards to ensure that your product is future-proof: TCP/IP, 6lowpan, IEEE 802.15.4e, TLS/SSL, AES128.

Over-The-Air Updates

Built-in support for remote updates keeps your customers always up-to-date and always secure.

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