Massive Wireless IoT Mesh Systems

We build Internet of Things solutions with awesome wireless mesh networking


Benefits of an IoT Solution

Tailored to your needs

No-code / low-code approach

You do not need to recruit an expert developer team to build your first IoT prototype.

Read more about the technical expertise needed to build an IoT solution from scratch.

Quick turnaround time

Lets you validate your business idea before the opportunity window closes.

Read more about business cases in the Internet of Things.

Fully branded

We deliver a white-labeled solution, fully branded with your brand.

Read more about why the look of your prototype is important.

Project plan upfront

Lets you set the budget expectations beforehand. Starting at $25000 USD.

Read more about our philosophy behind project tiers.

Built with mature technology

Lets you focus on your business instead of the technology.

Read more about our technology.

Prototype included

We build an early prototype with off-the-shelf hardware, reducing project time and uncertainties.

Read more about why always should build a prototype.

What You Get

Start with a tailored prototype, then go for the full IoT solution

Tailored IoT Prototype

Ready-made prototyping hardware

Shipped to you and ready to validate your business concept.

A no-code / low-code approach

We follow a no-code platform / low-code platform approach for the first prototype: we believe that the first prototype should require no custom coding.

Pre-configured setup

From a selection of ready-made solutions.

Web site and smartphone app with your own logo

Powerful, fully functional web app based on the Thingsquare default templates.

Managed cloud backend

Your devices will connect to our managed cloud backend – no custom cloud setup needed.

Full data access

All data generated by your devices and users is readily available for download, via your frontend and through the API.

The Full IoT Solution

Fully custom hardware

Everything can run on your own custom hardware.

Fully custom firmware, with firmware SDK access

Lets your development team continue development, for full flexibility.

Fully custom frontends and smartphone apps

Built by your team, of by us, with our open source templates.

Deployed in the cloud or in your data center

Licensed options available.

Enterprise system integration

Our team will integrate with your backend system through our REST APIs and NodeJS npm modules.

Development expertise to save you time and money

Our engineering team creates your custom IoT solution together with your team, so that your engineering team can focus on your business.

Knowledge transfer

We work closely with your engineering team for a smooth transition.

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

Thingsquare helps product owners create commercial IoT solutions. Or add IoT features to an existing product.

At the heart of our offering is our IoT platform, a ready-made software suite that can be customized to cover a wide range of needs.

We work with customers from Fortune 500 companies to high-growth startups. Many of our customers do industrial products (lighting, monitoring, sensing), agriculture, electricity, medtech. And since pretty much any type of product or market can become wireless, we are always eager to take on new areas.

Our customers typically have titles like VP of Product, Chief Architect, CTO, Product Owner, Project Manager.

We do one thing, and we do it well: we build IoT solutions based on wireless mesh networks. With particular focus on massive scale and low power.

Our secret sauce is our technology platform, which is designed to be customized in just the right places.

We tailor the parts that needs to be customized for each customer, while having a solid base to stand on. Read more about our technology platform here.

The cost depends on how much custom work is needed and typically fall in the $25000 USD to $200000 USD price range.

All costs are known up-front. You get an initial estimate through the IoT solution planner. The estimate is then refined through the consultation discussions and will be finalized before the project starts.

We also offer the possible to do add-on projects as needed.

We charge a license fee for the use of our IoT platform. This scales with the number of deployed devices and aligns our incentives.

All costs are known up-front and is included in the offer you get as part of the consultation discussions.

Yes. Our IoT platform can be deployed on a wide range of cloud platforms as well as on dedicated data center servers.

Yes, we offer a hosting service for our backend software. It can be deployed on a range of geographic locations.

No. Even though most IoT solutions will use the cloud to provide remote access, data history, and many other features that users need and want, there are several use cases where the Internet is not available or that the cloud is not an option for other reasons. We support the off-line use case by deploying our controller software on a Raspberry Pi-class device in direct vicinity of the deployment site.

Yes. Our technology platform is designed to support easy integration with existing cloud infrastructure and we provide integration development as part of our services package.

We use the Internet Protocol (IP) suite. Read all about the technical details of our IoT platform here.

We support a set of Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs) that we have fine-tuned our software for. Read all about the technical details of our IoT platform here.

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