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Thingsquare builds IoT solutions in weeks with the Thingsquare IoT platform

What we help you with


Thingsquare helps companies, from Fortune 500s to high-growth startups, to identify and deliver value with the Internet of Things with the Thingsquare IoT platform.

Take Action

With our world-class IoT technology stack, we develop a proof-of-concept prototype to solve your problem.

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See Results

We work with you to create a finished product to put in the hands of your customers.

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Thingsquare-based IoT Products and Projects

Tech Features

Thingsquare's IoT Platform

Self-Forming Wireless

Thingsquare automatically creates a self-healing wireless network that automatically extends and heals wireless coverage.

Open Standards

Thingsquare leverages open protocols and open standards to ensure that your product is future-proof: TCP/IP, 6lowpan, IEEE 802.15.4e, TLS/SSL, AES128.

Over-The-Air Updates

Built-in support for remote updates keeps your customers always up-to-date and always secure.

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