The Thingsquare IoT Platform

Massive Scale, Long Range, Long Lifetime. Wireless Mesh Networking in the Extreme for the Internet of Things.

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The Thingsquare IoT platform is a software suite that lets you collect data from the physical world with extreme power efficiency. See how it is used and who is using it. Read more about why you need it. See how we will help you use it!



Wireless Mesh Network

  • All-IP wireless mesh technology
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • 1000+ devices per network
  • Multiple access points for redundancy

Backend Integration

  • Connect via WiFi, 4G
  • Local or cloud deployment
  • thsq.js npm module

Ready For Production

  • Over-The-Air updates
  • Native iOS/Android/Electron apps
  • Web frontends
  • Factory production software

Use Cases

Retail shelves

Interior landscapes

Customer satisfaction buttons in retail

Office spaces

Hand wash sensors

User Interface

Native apps for iOS, Android, Windows,and Mac OS based on responsive HTML5.

Bluetooth Beacons for secure discovery of nearby devices.


Can be deployed in a Docker container, either in the cloud or locally.

REST API and Javascript thsq.js npm module for both backend integration and frontend scripting.

Connectivity and Hardware

Low-power wireless IPv6 mesh networking based on TCP/IP, 6lowpan, IEEE 802.15.4e, RPL, TLS/SSL, and AES128.

Hardware based on TI CC1310/CC1350/CC1352/CC2650/CC2538.


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