The first prototype isn’t pretty – first prototypes seldom are – but it does do the trick

A kick-ass demo is essential for every new product. For connected products, a demo is perhaps even more important because connected products break new ground.

Today we’re going to build a prototype of a connected plant monitor for under 100 dollars. It will take only a few minutes to assemble.

Unlike a typical Arduino-style prototype, our prototype has full data history and smartphone app integration from the start, thanks to the Thingsquare IoT platform.

The prototype won’t be as pretty as its original idea, but it will be an actual demo to show to early customers and investors and get that initial traction before even producing a single unit.

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We all love when a new piece of technology just works, with a smooth and streamlined installation process. It feels like magic. We open the box – and it all just works! Everything is effortless and life is good. And this is equally true for professional products as it is for consumer products.

As a customer, we’d like to take this feeling of joy for granted. As the product maker, we must work hard to ensure that our customers can take this for granted.

Today we’re taking a look at how to make your connected product a joy to install and set up!

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One great feature of the Thingsquare platform is the ability to connect it to customer-specific software, such as a database system or your own app. This is done by using the Thingsquare API.

The Thingsquare API is a so-called REST API, which is an industry standard type of API with bindings available for every common programming language and platform.

Today we are looking at how to get started working with the API. This assumes a bit of experience with the command line and the curl command.

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Where there are people, there is WiFi. And WiFi creates wireless interference. This is a challenge that every connected product will face.

Unlike other low-power wireless technologies, such as ZigBee and Thread, Thingsquare uses a technique called channel hopping to avoid interference from other wireless networks. We have developed a unique way to do channel hopping that works even with tiny, battery-operated wireless devices.

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At the heart of every connected product is the hardware. Today we are starting off our Hardware Spotlights series, where we are showcasing Thingsquare-compatible hardware. First off, we look at the Zolertia family of connected hardware!

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