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Set up the Sensortag


You will need the following,


You will need the following,


Download the software and install Flash programmer 2 on the computer. This will also install drivers for the SmartRF06EBK board.

Flashing the devices

This procedure goes for all the Sensortags you may have, one at a time.

Unbox the Sensortag. Remove the red rubber sleeve and the black+transparent plastic enclosure. Remove the battery and the plastic battery protector from the battery if present.

Locate the ten-pin programming header. Connect it to the SmartRF06EBK. In the image below it's marked in red.

Connect the Sensortag like in the image below.

In Flash programmer 2, follow the same procedure. Click Refresh, click the CC2650, press Browse and find sensortag-24ghz.bin you downloaded before. Then flash in the same way.


Congratulations! Great work, now you've set up your Sensortags!